Welcome to 2017

Hello everyone!


I keep saying this, but I really can’t believe we are in 2017 already. I feel like 2016 started a few weeks ago. Seriously, where is the time going? Most of you would have seen our countdown on Facebook and Instagram and was wondering, what’s coming, what’s going on?

Firstly, a big thank you to you guys who are subscribed to our blog, send emails and reach out to us.  However we have been working diligently on our new blog layout and design. We’ve wanted to do this for some time, but the New Year seemed a perfect time to start our blog afresh, so look for changes in the coming weeks! We will be posting twice a week and on the topics of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and planner related content.

To say that we are excited is an understatement. So look forward to fun, interactive and interesting post along with updates and giveaways throughout the year.

Once again, we wish you a very, very, very blessed and prosperous New Year!

GT Girlz