Satellite Tower

Here we go on another adventure.

A few weeks ago, my walking girls- my team of girls who are excited as I am to go out there and hike a trail- and I took to satellite tower for a walk. This was our second time making the walk. The first time being during a fitness obstacle course, but that’s another story for another time.

Now this time was very different, let me tell you.

The scenery is beautiful, like something out of the storybooks. Tall shady trees, everything is lush, green and the bamboo just screams calm and serene. Picture perfect in my book. The walk begins with a flat roadway for about 10-15 minutes then uphill walk to the summit, which can take 25- 45 minutes depending on your fitness level.

Not long into my uphill walk, I felt the burn, let me tell you. I FELT IT. I was burnt so fast, needed to stop and catch my breath a couple times (shame!!) and then to make matters worse the end seems to elude me. I was like ‘just around the bend’, then two minutes later (which felt like ten) I said the same thing to myself, ‘just around the bend’…

All in all, i dug deep and made it to the top, Phewwww!!!  It was great fun, with great girls…. I felt amazing…you know the rush of the outdoors… (just can’t stop saying how much i love the outdoors). Can’t wait for my next adventure.

Satelitte Tower

After we came back down… i took a little ride. Felt like 12 again….lol

When was your last adventure?




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