Academic Excellence



To those who have attained the highest level of academic excellence, I applaud you. That recognition came after many years of exemplary scholarly aptitude, determination and resilience.

These quality and more are also true of my cousin, a few weeks ago achieved the highest academic excellence when she became Dr. Pauline Baird, an achievement that only few have attained worldwide.  I was prompted to write on this issue because I am so very proud of her and the way she has no doubt inspired me and women from our home village back in Guyana. This achievement also reminded me that another cousin became a medical doctor two years earlier.

I think back to when I attended secondary school, I can vividly remember our class teacher; Mrs. Aberdeen asked the class to stand one at a time and tell her “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  At that time, I had not given any thought to what I was gonna do after I graduate from school. (crazy, I know right). But that day I started thinking about what I want, where did I see myself, what do I love doing.

It took me a long time before I finally decided I wanted to study Behavioral Science and when I started class, I knew it was where I want to be. Granted it wasn’t a walk I the park. There were many all-nighters, tons and tons of paper, study group and presentations and the biggest obstacle of them all…FINANCE!!!!! In the end it was worth it.

I am so proud to be from a family where individuals have attained the highest level of academic excellence.  They set such great examples and that in itself pushes me to strive for better, for more.  Regardless of your station in life at the moment, just focus on your dreams. It will be  long road but your destination awaits!!!

Keep reaching… you will make it.


Gt Girlz


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