Summer Loving Freebie

Hello everyone and welcome back for yet another Freebie Friday….
This week’s theme is Summer Loving. I fell in love with this clip art and i couldn’t resist. As usual i created this kit for the Happy Planner. It will work for a no white space spread or if you decide to do a more functional look. Another cute way to use these would be to match them with a kit you already have. I made some changes since the last freebie, I hope you enjoy these.

Previews for the printable are below, along with the links for each file.

SummerSummer Loving

Download page 1                         Summer

Download page 2                         Summer Loving

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Satellite Tower

Here we go on another adventure.

A few weeks ago, my walking girls- my team of girls who are excited as I am to go out there and hike a trail- and I took to satellite tower for a walk. This was our second time making the walk. The first time being during a fitness obstacle course, but that’s another story for another time.

Now this time was very different, let me tell you.

The scenery is beautiful, like something out of the storybooks. Tall shady trees, everything is lush, green and the bamboo just screams calm and serene. Picture perfect in my book. The walk begins with a flat roadway for about 10-15 minutes then uphill walk to the summit, which can take 25- 45 minutes depending on your fitness level.

Not long into my uphill walk, I felt the burn, let me tell you. I FELT IT. I was burnt so fast, needed to stop and catch my breath a couple times (shame!!) and then to make matters worse the end seems to elude me. I was like ‘just around the bend’, then two minutes later (which felt like ten) I said the same thing to myself, ‘just around the bend’…

All in all, i dug deep and made it to the top, Phewwww!!!  It was great fun, with great girls…. I felt amazing…you know the rush of the outdoors… (just can’t stop saying how much i love the outdoors). Can’t wait for my next adventure.

Satelitte Tower

After we came back down… i took a little ride. Felt like 12 again….lol

When was your last adventure?



Academic Excellence



To those who have attained the highest level of academic excellence, I applaud you. That recognition came after many years of exemplary scholarly aptitude, determination and resilience.

These quality and more are also true of my cousin, a few weeks ago achieved the highest academic excellence when she became Dr. Pauline Baird, an achievement that only few have attained worldwide.  I was prompted to write on this issue because I am so very proud of her and the way she has no doubt inspired me and women from our home village back in Guyana. This achievement also reminded me that another cousin became a medical doctor two years earlier.

I think back to when I attended secondary school, I can vividly remember our class teacher; Mrs. Aberdeen asked the class to stand one at a time and tell her “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  At that time, I had not given any thought to what I was gonna do after I graduate from school. (crazy, I know right). But that day I started thinking about what I want, where did I see myself, what do I love doing.

It took me a long time before I finally decided I wanted to study Behavioral Science and when I started class, I knew it was where I want to be. Granted it wasn’t a walk I the park. There were many all-nighters, tons and tons of paper, study group and presentations and the biggest obstacle of them all…FINANCE!!!!! In the end it was worth it.

I am so proud to be from a family where individuals have attained the highest level of academic excellence.  They set such great examples and that in itself pushes me to strive for better, for more.  Regardless of your station in life at the moment, just focus on your dreams. It will be  long road but your destination awaits!!!

Keep reaching… you will make it.


Gt Girlz

Hiking to Matura Waterfall


That’s my thing…hiking! Actually just being outside, enjoying nature.

For me, it’s about breathing in that fresh air, hearing the birds sing, taking in the greenery and embracing the tranquility within.

That’s why I do it. That’s why I get totally pumped just thinking of my next adventure outdoors. This past weekend, we took a hike (more like a walk) to Matura. It was my first time there and I loved it. On the difficulty scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 2… Really easy, not too long and no uphill..  The entire journey could take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, mainly due on where you start (parking area or the start of the road) and how fit you are.

The best part …it leads to water. Yup…a little waterfall with a beautiful large pool area, where you can strip down, or not and just dive in, bathe and relax.

Until our next adventure,

Gt Girlz