Etsy Shop!!!

It’s a blessing to wake up each day and so what you love…..I feel blessed indeed. Gt Girlz now has an Etsy Shop…called….you guessed it….Gt Girlz Glam (quite fitting don’t you think?)


Blush Promo

We finally launched out Etsy shop last weekend, and we’re so happy to be able to show and share our creativity with you all. I love creating and designing…and seeing my vision come to life.

To be honest, it wasn’t planned. I never thought i’d be creating stickers for planners, but life has a way of changing on you! You just gotta make it work for you.

We will also be creating a monthly Happy Planner sticker freebie, so check back often for new releases, shop updates, giveaways and much more. If you are a planner addict life myself. follow us on instagram for weekly spreads and more!!!

You can check out the shop here

GtGirlz Glam




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