Easter Egg Freebie

Hi and welcome to our first Planner Freebie…
Last week I created this Easter egg Theme set for myself and wanted to share them with you. It’s sized for the Happy Planner, of course! You can use this set on its own or they would make a nice supplement to go with other stickers you have in your collection, using a few of them here and there. Whether you’re a functional planner or into the “no white space” look, we’ve got you covered.

Previews for the printable are below, along with the links for each file. Have a blast!

Easter Egg Promo


Easter Egg Promo 2

Download page 1 PDF Easter Egg

Download page 2 PDF Easter Egg 2

If you print and use these in your planner, #gtgtirlzblog on Instagram so I can see them, it would make my day.

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Decisions Determine Destiny

While sorting through some old notebooks I came across one in particular, in which I’d written down a quote that my friend gave me on a note card.  It read “Decisions Determine Destiny’.


Let’s face it. Life is happening all around us. The world is spinning, time is passing. Bills are coming, the kids are growing. At times it may feel like we have little power over our lives. Sometimes we need to be reminded that our Decisions do determine our destiny.

Lately. I’ll admit… I’ve been in a slump. Things are challenging to say the least. It seems like the more I want more out of life, the more stagnant the situation remains. I really don’t know how I found this quote again but I’m glad I did. Instead of going to that dark place within myself, It reminded me, that it’s MY choice and I CHOOSE not to give up….giving up is not an option.

So, I’m gonna make some smart, well informed decisions that will hopefully bring about the change i wanna see, and if it doesn’t, I’m gonna try something else, make another decision….why not! I really believe that we are active participants in our lives, not just bystanders. If we want to get ahead at the job, be better parents, better lovers, and better friends. We are in charge.

We have the choice to choose what we want. We decide…. You decide…. I decide.

What’s your favorite quote and how has it helped you? I’d love to know.

Gt Girlz

Planner Addict

Planner Addict…

Lately, everyone and their mama have been obsessed with planning…and sad to say, I’m no different. I’ve always been a planner person. Writing down my goals, to do’s for the day, shopping list, anything really, makes me feel like I’m getting stuff done… I always write stuff down… Although, I’ve never really found a planner I liked over the years, because I’m way to picky. I don’t like that muted yellow pages that diaries come with, the time slots thing are way too confusing and it was all just a mess.

So I made my own… using a notebook I hunted for with white pages and blue lines (they have to be blue), thick and easy to write on… Believe me, it’s a process… I couldn’t help it. Fast forward to late last year; After watching Youtube for some time and seeing everyone with their Erin Condren and Happy Planners… I dove in head first and ordered my first happy planner and I love it!!! All the right things, none of the bad… Planner Peace at last! Yup, that’s a thing!!

Now decorating is the next big thing, stickers, washi and more stickers, paperclips, notecards, pens, did I mention stickers? These additions can run you for some money, depending on your style. For me that isn’t even an issue. I’m all about saving pennies. I opt for downloading free sticker samplers, or creating my own as opposed to ordering stickers and paying shipping cost that are twice as much as the actual stickers, then waiting weeks for them to arrive as I am outside of the United States….

With that said, have a look at my first spread for March with free printables from myplannerenvy.com… Her stuff is literally amazing!!!!

Stay tuned for some free printables coming in the next few weeks!!

What’s your planning style? Wanna share pics of your weekly spreads? Then #gtgirlzglam on instagram and let me see what you’re up too.

Gt Girlz